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BFM provides full Original Equipment Manufacturers’(OEM) services from conceptual design and engineering to the fabrication of complete code-tested pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Dimensions of past projects were up to 16’ diameter, 200’ long, and weighing as much as 100 tons. Operating parameters of vessels range from absolute vacuum to 5000 psig and temperatures from -20° F to 2400° F. We have provided large diameter distillation columns, drums, and generic vessels in all sizes, shapes, and metallurgies. We are also known for our design and construction of shell and tube heat exchangers in all TEMA designations. All of our equipment is built to the stringent standards of ASME.

In addition, we are available to service your requirements around the clock during your shutdown/ turnaround periods. Our maintenance services include the repair and re-tubing of heat exchanger bundles, weld build-up of existing equipment, and modifications per the NBIC codes and customer standards.

BFM has the capability to support all aspects of design for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other industrial equipment for the petro-chemical industry.